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Community Analysis Project (Canada)

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 For your Community Analysis Project, you will need to find information on three different aspects of your Canadian community:

  1. geography
  2. demographics
  3. eye care providers in the community

This guide brings together all of the information sources you will need to successfully complete your project (with the exception of your personal knowledge of your community, and your conversations with two local eye care providers).

IMPORTANT! Don't forget to...

Cite your sources; this is absolutely necessary.  If you don't give proper credit to the sources for your information (even conversations) it is considered plagiarism.

Use the NLM Citation Guide when formatting your citations.  (Note: if you use Zotero, your citations will be formatted automatically.)

Note: NLM does not specify which type of in-text citation you should use, so it's up to you.  Please see this helpful guide from USC's Norris Medical Library for examples.


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